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We started with adopting 5 "Malenadu Gidda" cows, some of which were on their way to slaughter houses. "Malenadu Gidda" is a very short breed and is found extensively in the western ghats of Karnataka. These cows are very hardy and very docile in nature.  We also have 4 of "Hallikar" breed. These are native breeds of the south interior Karnataka. The quantity of milk is less compared to Jersey or Holstein breeds but the maintenance needs are also very less.  



We started our poultry in a small way with 5 chicks. This has grown to about 50. The main purpose of starting poultry was to experiment with income augmentation for Shanmukha.

       Couple of ducks have also been added. Simba, Rani and Billi complete our dog & cat story.




Unsuccessfully tried rearing rabbits....but all of them died due to some mysterious disease.

Our recent addition is 2 Guinea Fowls....which we couldn't resist.