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Don't treat them as pests...its just repayment of loan to nature for using their landDr. V.S.Sheshadri

We have found "Marigold" as an excellent way to control insects that gorge on Tur, Cowpea, Alasandhe and other crops. Marigold flowers act as preferred hosts and attract most of the insects. We have observed minimal crop loss with this technique. Marigold also has a good commercial value fetching sometimes upto Rs10/kg in the wholesale market. So we have saved on pesticides and have also got some additional income out of the same.


For "Tur" another method that we found effective, was to have long sticks with branches planted at regular intervals (appx. 10x10 ft) in the midst of crop. The length of the sticks have to at-least couple of feet longer than Tur plant. Birds which perch on these branches have a vantage point over the crop and act as natural biological control. With this method we observed that there was no crop loss. This almost a zero investment crop protection method.

One of the natural occurring predators that we have found controlling the pests has been spiders. We have been witness to many insects having fallen to the trap meticulously laid by these master weavers.

We are having a big issue with wild pigs, which seems to destroy our Ragi, Maize, Tur, Ground nut crops a number of times. But interesting point is that these invasions seem to be only on occasions where ours is the only crop in the vicinity. When Ragi was grown along with other farmers at the same time as others we have seen minimal losses....probably the pigs went on sampling all over and impact was evenly spread. Though we are fenced for solar energizer, somehow never felt comfortable to use electric shock as the deterrent. we still don't have a effective solution to prevent these incursions. Will really appreciate if someone can suggest a viable option to contain wild pigs.